When I first started this site, it was only intended as an internal resource for myself and the athletes that I trained. But I keep coming across bad strength and conditioning resources for BJJ, which is why I have decided to make this site public.

My views on strength and conditioning are heavily influenced by Joel Jamieson (8weeksout.com). He introduced a scientific approach to the MMA strength and conditioning world, in a time when everyone else was focusing on HIIT and ignoring aerobic training.

Technique conquers all. Whenever possible, I will show you how you can use the training methods as part of your BJJ training. A BJJ athlete should spend as much time as possible on the mat to get better. If you spend too much time in the gym, your technique will suffer.

There are already a few pages up with training methods that I use a lot.

I will expand on these topics in the future and show you how and when to use them.

I am also writing a book on strength training for BJJ. You will get a free copy when it’s done if you subscribe below.